a_label'{a}' is a statement label.
a_not_allowed'{a}' is not allowed.
a_not_defined'{a}' is not defined.
a_scope'{a}' used out of scope.
adsafe_aADsafe violation: '{a}'.
adsafe_autocompleteADsafe autocomplete violation.
adsafe_bad_idADSAFE violation: bad id.
adsafe_divADsafe violation: Wrap the widget in a div.
adsafe_fragmentADSAFE: Use the fragment option.
adsafe_goADsafe violation: Misformed ADSAFE.go.
adsafe_htmlCurrently, ADsafe does not operate on whole HTML documents. It operates on
fragments and .js files.
adsafe_idADsafe violation: id does not match.
adsafe_id_goADsafe violation: Missing ADSAFE.id or ADSAFE.go.
adsafe_libADsafe lib violation.
adsafe_lib_secondADsafe: The second argument to lib must be a function.
adsafe_missing_idADSAFE violation: missing ID_.
adsafe_name_aADsafe name violation: '{a}'.
adsafe_placementADsafe script placement violation.
adsafe_prefix_aADsafe violation: An id must have a '{a}' prefix
adsafe_scriptADsafe script violation.
adsafe_sourceADsafe unapproved script source.
adsafe_subscript_aADsafe subscript '{a}'.
adsafe_tagADsafe violation: Disallowed tag '{a}'.
already_defined'{a}' is already defined.
andThe '&&' subexpression should be wrapped in parens.
assign_exceptionDo not assign to the exception parameter.
assignment_function_expressionExpected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression.
attribute_case_aAttribute '{a}' not all lower case.
avoid_aAvoid '{a}'.
bad_assignmentBad assignment.
bad_color_aBad hex color '{a}'.
bad_constructorBad constructor.
bad_entityBad entity.
bad_htmlBad HTML string
bad_id_aBad id: '{a}'.
bad_in_aBad for in variable '{a}'.
bad_invocationBad invocation.
bad_name_aBad name: '{a}'.
bad_newDo not use 'new' for side effects.
bad_numberBad number '{a}'.
bad_operandBad operand.
bad_styleBad style.
bad_typeBad type.
bad_url_aBad url '{a}'.
bad_wrapDo not wrap function literals in parens unless they are to be immediately invoked.
combine_varCombine this with the previous 'var' statement.
conditional_assignmentExpected a conditional expression and instead saw an assignment.
confusing_aConfusing use of '{a}'.
confusing_regexpConfusing regular expression.
constructor_name_aA constructor name '{a}' should start with an uppercase letter.
control_aUnexpected control character '{a}'.
cssA css file should begin with @charset 'UTF-8';
dangling_aUnexpected dangling '_' in '{a}'.
dangerous_commentDangerous comment.
deletedOnly properties should be deleted.
duplicate_aDuplicate '{a}'.
empty_blockEmpty block.
empty_caseEmpty case.
empty_classEmpty class.
es5This is an ES5 feature.
evileval is evil.
expected_aExpected '{a}'.
expected_a_bExpected '{a}' and instead saw '{b}'.
expected_a_b_from_c_dExpected '{a}' to match '{b}' from line {c} and instead saw '{d}'.
expected_at_aExpected an at-rule, and instead saw @{a}.
expected_a_at_b_cExpected '{a}' at column {b}, not column {c}.
expected_attribute_aExpected an attribute, and instead saw [{a}].
expected_attribute_value_aExpected an attribute value and instead saw '{a}'.
expected_class_aExpected a class, and instead saw .{a}.
expected_fraction_aExpected a number between 0 and 1 and instead saw '{a}'
expected_id_aExpected an id, and instead saw #{a}.
expected_identifier_aExpected an identifier and instead saw '{a}'.
expected_identifier_a_reservedExpected an identifier and instead saw '{a}' (a reserved word).
expected_linear_aExpected a linear unit and instead saw '{a}'.
expected_lang_aExpected a lang code, and instead saw :{a}.
expected_media_aExpected a CSS media type, and instead saw '{a}'.
expected_name_aExpected a name and instead saw '{a}'.
expected_nonstandard_style_attributeExpected a non-standard style attribute and instead saw '{a}'.
expected_number_aExpected a number and instead saw '{a}'.
expected_operator_aExpected an operator and instead saw '{a}'.
expected_percent_aExpected a percentage and instead saw '{a}'
expected_positive_aExpected a positive number and instead saw '{a}'
expected_pseudo_aExpected a pseudo, and instead saw :{a}.
expected_selector_aExpected a CSS selector, and instead saw {a}.
expected_small_aExpected a small positive integer and instead saw '{a}'
expected_space_a_bExpected exactly one space between '{a}' and '{b}'.
expected_string_aExpected a string and instead saw {a}.
expected_style_attributeExcepted a style attribute, and instead saw '{a}'.
expected_style_patternExpected a style pattern, and instead saw '{a}'.
expected_tagname_aExpected a tagName, and instead saw {a}.
expected_type_aExpected a type, and instead saw {a}.
for_ifThe body of a for in should be wrapped in an if statement to filter unwanted properties from the prototype.
function_blockFunction statements should not be placed in blocks. Use a function expression or move the statement to the top of the outer function.
function_evalThe Function constructor is eval.
function_loopDon't make functions within a loop.
function_statementFunction statements are not invocable. Wrap the whole function invocation in parens.
function_strictUse the function form of 'use strict'.
html_confusion_aHTML confusion in regular expression '<{a}'.
html_handlersAvoid HTML event handlers.
identifier_functionExpected an identifier in an assignment and instead saw a function invocation.
implied_evilImplied eval is evil. Pass a function instead of a string.
infix_inUnexpected 'in'. Compare with undefined, or use the hasOwnProperty method instead.
insecure_aInsecure '{a}'.
isNaNUse the isNaN function to compare with NaN.
label_a_bLabel '{a}' on '{b}' statement.
langlang is deprecated.
leading_decimal_aA leading decimal point can be confused with a dot: '.{a}'.
missing_aMissing '{a}'.
missing_a_after_bMissing '{a}' after '{b}'.
missing_optionMissing option value.
missing_propertyMissing property name.
missing_space_a_bMissing space between '{a}' and '{b}'.
missing_urlMissing url.
missing_use_strictMissing 'use strict' statement.
mixedMixed spaces and tabs.
move_invocationMove the invocation into the parens that contain the function.
move_varMove 'var' declarations to the top of the function.
name_functionMissing name in function statement.
nested_commentNested comment.
notNested not.
not_a_constructorDo not use {a} as a constructor.
not_a_defined'{a}' has not been fully defined yet.
not_a_function'{a}' is not a function.
not_a_label'{a}' is not a label.
not_a_scope'{a}' is out of scope.
not_greater'{a}' should not be greater than '{b}'.
parameter_a_get_bUnexpected parameter '{a}' in get {b} function.
parameter_set_aExpected parameter (value) in set {a} function.
radixMissing radix parameter.
read_onlyRead only.
redefinition_aRedefinition of '{a}'.
reserved_aReserved name '{a}'.
scanned_a_b{a} ({b}% scanned).
slash_equalA regular expression literal can be confused with '/='.
statement_blockExpected to see a statement and instead saw a block.
strange_loopStrange loop.
strictStrict violation.
subscript['{a}'] is better written in dot notation.
tag_a_in_bA '<{a}>' must be within '<{b}>'.
too_longLine too long.
too_manyToo many errors.
trailing_decimal_aA trailing decimal point can be confused with a dot: '.{a}'.
typetype is unnecessary.
unclosedUnclosed string.
unclosed_commentUnclosed comment.
unclosed_regexpUnclosed regular expression.
unescaped_aUnescaped '{a}'.
unexpected_aUnexpected '{a}'.
unexpected_char_a_bUnexpected character '{a}' in {b}.
unexpected_commentUnexpected comment.
unexpected_property_aUnexpected /*property*/ '{a}'.
unexpected_space_a_bUnexpected space between '{a}' and '{b}'.
unnecessary_initializeIt is not necessary to initialize '{a}' to 'undefined'.
unnecessary_useUnnecessary 'use strict'.
unreachable_a_bUnreachable '{a}' after '{b}'.
unrecognized_style_attribute_aUnrecognized style attribute '{a}'.
unrecognized_tag_aUnrecognized tag '<{a}>'.
unsafeUnsafe character.
urlJavaScript URL.
use_arrayUse the array literal notation [].
use_bracesSpaces are hard to count. Use {{a}}.
use_charAtUse the charAt method.
use_objectUse the object literal notation {}.
use_orUse the || operator.
use_paramUse a named parameter.
used_before_a'{a}' was used before it was defined.
var_a_notVariable {a} was not declared correctly.
weird_assignmentWeird assignment.
weird_conditionWeird condition.
weird_newWeird construction. Delete 'new'.
weird_programWeird program.
weird_relationWeird relation.
weird_ternaryWeird ternary.
wrap_immediateWrap an immediate function invocation in parentheses to assist the reader in understanding that the expression is the result of a function, and not the function itself.
wrap_regexpWrap the /regexp/ literal in parens to disambiguate the slash operator.
write_is_wrongdocument.write can be a form of eval.